Gimbal's Fine Candies Lover's Line Review

When it comes to allergen-free candies, Gimbal's Fine Candies does not disappoint!  Recently, I sampled two flavors of their 'Lovers Line'.  The Lovers Line comes in 3 flavors: Cherry Lovers, Cinnamon Lovers, and Sour Lovers.  I got my hands on the Cinnamon and Cherry flavors. All three flavors come in a cute heart shape, which makes them perfect for Valentines Day.  

As a food allergy mom, what I love most about Gimbal's candy is that it contains NO peanuts, tree nuts, dairy, gluten, soy, or egg.  As a bonus, their candy contains no high-fructose corn syrup and is flavored with natural flavors.  The Cinnamon Lovers are made with real cinnamon oil, and the Cherry Lovers are made with real cherry juice.

Being a former Atomic Fireball fan, I truly enjoyed the Cinnamon Lovers hearts.  They have a nice hard outer shell with a chewy center.  The cinnamon heat is strong enough that you can only eat about 2 at a time.  In fact, they might be a little too 'hot' for kids with sensitive mouths.  I personally love hot cinnamon, so these were flavored perfectly in my opinion.  They can be purchased online here.

The Cherry Lovers come in 9 different flavors.  How fun is that? Like the Cinnamon Lovers, they also have a nice hard outer shell with a chewy center.  My kids preferred the Cherry Lovers over the Cinnamon Lovers, probably because of the flavor variety and the fact that they aren't hot. The 9 flavors are all distinct, just like Gimbal's jelly beans.  I love how they look in a bowl with all of their different colors.  The Cherry Lovers come in lots of different sizes and can be purchased online here.

If you are looking for truly allergen-free candy options, Gimbal's is a wonderful brand.  Along with their Lovers Line, they have delicious jelly beans, hot cinnamon balls, and even black licorice!  You can save 10% on their products simply by joining their mailing list.  Check them out: Gimbal's Fine Candy.

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