7-Minute Artichokes

One of my daughter's favorite vegetable snacks is steamed artichokes.  Because they are such a great, healthy, allergy-free snack I try to make them for her on a regular basis, but steaming artichokes is a time-consuming task, especially at high altitude!  I recently found out that you can quickly prepare a steamed artichoke in the microwave, and it only takes 7 minutes.  That means along with the time it takes to trim them, you can be indulging in delicious steamed artichokes in less than 10 minutes! 

Rib Eyes with Garlic-Thyme Marinade

Ok, so this recipe is not going to appeal to any vegetarians or vegans out there, but if you're a meat eater like me, it is a party in your mouth.  It comes from my collection of Martha Stewart's Everyday Food recipes I have collected in a binder over the years.  The original recipe is here.  Besides the obvious tenderloin, rib eyes are my favorite cut of beef or buffalo, due to their tenderness and fatty content (mmm, fat...).  This is a delicious paleo, allergy-free recipe that all the meat lovers in your family will love.  The prep is easy, the cooking is easy, and the eating is delicious.