Book Review: 'Patty's Secret: A Tale About Living with Food Allergies' by Leneille Moon

I recently came across a new children's book, 'Patty's Secret: A Tale About Living with Food Allergies' by Leneille Moon, written to spread the word about food allergies.

This is a darling story about a little pig named Patty who has multiple severe food allergies.  She is very nervous about her first day of school, specifically about how the other kids might feel about her food allergies. When she takes a bite of a food she knows she's allergic to, just to fit in, she starts to experience a scary anaphylactic reaction.  Thankfully, her twin brother comes to the rescue, and her 'magic shot' (Epi-Pen) is administered, stopping the reaction.

There are some great lessons that can be learned from this book: 
  • Allergic kids need to let others know about their food allergies
  • Never eat something you know you are allergic to
  • Always have an Epi-Pen close by in case of an accident
  • Kids are curious, and they can also be very accepting of differences

I will be buying a copy, which can be purchased on Amazon here, and giving it to my son's 1st grade teacher to read to her class.  I highly recommend that you do the same! Thank you, Leneille, for writing such a helpful, important, kid-friendly book!  You are a mom after my own heart!

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  1. Just met this author through Twitter. She's a delight. Can't wait to read the book too :)