5 Allergy-free Breakfasts

Breakfast can be a challenging endeavor when you have multiple food allergies.  Most traditional breakfasts include either eggs, toast, or cereal - things my daughter cannot have with her allergies to dairy, eggs, nuts, and wheat.  So, I've had to mix things up in the morning.  Here are 5 allergy-free breakfasts I have served.

Sausage is a staple at our house, in order to have a breakfast protein.  I try to opt for a nitrate-free version.

Breakfast idea #1: Sausage/hash-brown scramble, and fresh fruit:

Breakfast idea #2: Allergy-free pumpkin bread toast, bacon, and grapes:

Breakfast idea #3:  Sausage patty, hash-browns, and fresh berries (ok, this one is not too different from #1, but at least the presentation is different, and sometimes that's all that matters):

Breakfast idea #4: Sausage/fresh spinach burrito on a gluten-free tortilla (my favorite happens to be the new Rudy's gluten-free tortillas, which come in 3 different flavors):

Breakfast idea #5: Sausage and 'cheese' quesadilla (again using a Rudy's gluten-free tortilla) with fresh fruit.  

The 'cheese' is actually a wonderful vegan cheese product called 'Daiya.' Along with being allergy-free (dairy, lactose, casein, gluten, and soy-free!), it melts and tastes like real cheese!

I simply place a tortilla in a greased, hot pan and top with cooked sausage and 'cheese.'  I top it with another tortilla and flip it over once the first side is browned a bit.  

Once the other side is browned, I remove it from the pan and cut into quarters.

Other simple allergy-free breakfast options might include a gluten-free cereal with dairy-free milk, gluten-free oatmeal, or vegan yogurt with granola.  So, as you can see, with a little creativity, there are plenty of breakfast options for the food-allergic person!  What is your favorite allergy-free breakfast?

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  1. Love the collection of breakfast idea! Great way to start the year off! Happy New Year!!

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    Cindy from vegetarianmamma.com

  2. Thanks for sharing some of your breakfast ideas! I'm just starting a gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free diet and was needing some simple breakfast ideas to get me started. :)

    1. Kristin - you're welcome! It sounds like you are starting a nut-free paleo diet. You'll feel so great eating Paleo! Check out my 'Lunch,' 'Dinner,' and 'Paleo' tabs at the top for some more healthy nut-free paleo dishes. Best of luck to you!