Paleo Lettuce Wraps

The typical lettuce wrap has too much sugar, in my opinion.  This recipe contains lots of flavor and almost no allergens (except soy, but we can eat that).

It's pretty amazing how much flavor comes from so few ingredients.  Seriously, this is it!:

Well...except for the lettuce, of course.:

This recipe takes all of 15-20 minutes to prepare.  How great is that?  All you do is brown the beef and then stir in the chopped water chestnuts, garlic, and ginger:

The next step is optional, but only if you don't like cilantro.  I know some people have a strong aversion to it, but I could eat it by the handful.  Finely chop up a bunch and stir it into the meat mixture.:

The last step is to stir in the seasonings.  I use gluten-free soy sauce and some super-spicy chili-garlic paste. Look at that color and texture - yum!  I can almost smell it....

Just scoop the mixture into lettuce leaves and top with some tasty Sriracha sauce, you know, the big bottle with the rooster on the front.  Speaking of Sriracha, did you know they make lollipops out of it?  Check it out here. Weird, but strangely intriguing...

Ok, back to the lettuce wraps. The final product is so spicy and flavorful - like a party in your mouth!


Paleo Lettuce Wraps
(serves 4)


Lettuce leaves (Boston lettuce or Napa Cabbage works well)
1lb ground meat (try to use 85% for the best flavor)
1-5 cloves garlic, minced 
1 can water chestnuts, finely chopped
1 T fresh ginger, finely minced 
1 T gluten-free soy sauce
Handful of cilantro, chopped.   You could also use Thai basil or mint.
Chili Garlic Paste (you can find it in the International aisle)
Sriracha sauce


  1. Brown meat in a large fry pan on medium high.  Add garlic and ginger and cook for another minute being careful not to burn garlic.
  2. Stir in the chopped water chestnuts until heated through.
  3. Add soy sauce and chili paste
  4. Add any flavorful extras that you like.  I use a large handful of cilantro.  Vegetables like zucchini and mushrooms are great too.
  5. Put meat mixture into a serving bowl and serve in lettuce cups. Top with Sriracha sauce, if desired.
  6. Enjoy!

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  1. This sounds yummy! Gotta try it next week, we love lettuce wraps!
    Voted! Good luck!

  2. Yum! Do you serve anything else with it, or do you guys fill up on wraps?

  3. If I have some veggies on hand like broccoli or green beans, I sometimes will include those with dinner. But, this dish is very satisfying by itself.

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